Blackjack rules

If you want to learn how to play black jack, you should prepare for an exciting journey filled with revelations. It will take a bit of time and effort to go through our guide, but it will pay off as you will be ready to play and tackle even the most skillful dealers.

We will teach you all the rules that a beginner should know before they come to the table or start an online playing session. Our goal is simple; we want to teach you how to play black jack like a pro. That is why we covered all the details, including how you should act in any given situation.

It shouldn’t take more than several minutes to go through our guide, but make sure to analyze each section carefully. You want to remember as much as possible so that you can bring your A game to the tables.

Blackjack Rules – What You Should Know Before the Game Starts

You already know that this game is played with cards, but what do the rules of blackjack say about their value? Depending on the game type and casino, you can play with one or multiple decks. Either way, the decks won’t contain jokers, which means you will be playing with 52 cards per deck.

Here is an overview of the card values according to the official blackjack rules:

  • 2 to 10 – they have the same value as specified on the card.
  • J, Q, K – each of these is valued 10.
  • Ace – it can have a value of either “1” or “11.” The interesting part is that players get to decide how they want to value an ace.

The rules of blackjack indicate that every hand starts with the dealer dealing the cards to every player. You will get two cards, and you should reveal them. The dealer, however, hides one of their cards.

It is time for each player to make a move. The blackjack betting rules imply you can make one of the following moves:

  • Hit – ask for another card if you think it is worth the risk to boost your hand strength and you won’t cross 21 with it.
  • Stand – if you think you are already better than the dealer, keep what you have in your hand and pass the move to the competitor.
  • Split – you can form two hands instead of one if you split. Use this if you have pairs, but keep in mind you have to pay an additional wager.
  • Double – double the initial wager, but get only one additional card and stand after it.

Some variations also allow insurance and surrender bets as additional options.

Next, the dealer plays their move and then the time for comparing the card comes. The one closer to 21 wins or the round is called a push (draw).

How to Win at Blackjack – Keys to Winning the Game

Are you wondering what the best way to win at blackjack is? The good news is that there are ways to boost your winning odds, but no strategy or tip can guarantee that you will win every time.

One of the crucial keys to winning blackjack is to choose a strategy and stick to it. You may choose to count cards and use that approach to identify the best chances to win. Alternatively, you can consult strategy charts designed by expert players and mathematicians. They already calculated the probabilities and suggested the ideal move for a positive outcome. Your task is to stick to these charts and hope for success.


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